Hi! I’m Emily 😊 I’m a wife, mama to 2 little bears & the creative behind EMZ. My nickname is Em and growing up I used to love playing with Bratz dolls… so I thought to combine the two, em+z.  I started creating with polymer clay at the end of 2020 and continued 2021, finding time late nights after working a corporate day job. It wasn’t until January 2022 that I decided to really, truly dedicate myself to building my own creative business. I don’t like boxes either, so while I started with making earrings and that’s mainly what I do, I also dabble in different materials and things such as candles. My main motivation for EMZ, is my role as mama. It is so important to me that I’m able to work from home to be there for my kiddos and watch them grow. Thank you for being here to watch me and my creative endeavors grow. I’m so grateful for you & happy you’re here.
❤️ Emz